How To Use A Riding Lawn Mower

A lawnmower comes in many types. One of such varieties is the riding lawnmower. Especially for those with a large yard, this machine is a lifesaver. As handy as they are, however, you need a lot of care and precaution to use and manage them. It is this reason that we have explained how to use a riding lawn mower here. According to gardengrower, you can see the best ride on lawn mower list.

How to Use a Riding Mower

Prepare the Mower

Getting on your mower is not the first thing to do when you’re about to use it. The first step is to prepare your mower and make sure everything is in order. Check the gas and be sure it’ll be enough, inspect the belts and other parts to ensure they’re in perfect shape.

Start the Mower

Next, insert the key into the mower while each of your feet is on the clutch pedals and brake. By turning the key, the machine will startup.

Adjust the Height of Your Blade

To adjust the blade height, you need a lever. This can be found near where you’re sitting in the machine. You can go through your manual if you don’t see the gear there. Once you find the tool, start by experimenting with several heights. While at it you’ll find the height that suits you the best.

Shift Gear

At this point, you need to release the brake and clutch pedal. A riding lawnmower has up to six different gears, each of which offers a different speed. Using the gear shifter, get into a low gear and then manoeuvre the mower into your yard. Let the machine remain in a low gear while cutting the grass.

Drive onto the Lawn

Depending on what your riding lawn mower has, switch or button, go ahead and press that button that engages the blade. You may, however, want to stop your mower, by stepping on your brake and clutch, before doing this. You can then release the brake and make your way to the lawn once you’ve ascertained that everything is in available and you’re ready.

Commence cutting the Grass

Now, you are prepared to commence cutting. This type of machine has a lot in common with cars. Therefore, you’ll find a majority of them having steering wheels. Those that have no steering wheel use levers instead. No matter the type you own, you’ll find vital information about how it works from your manual.

Put the Mower Away

Always turn the blades of your riding mower off before leaving the lawn and climbing onto the pavement. To do this, flip the switch or press the blade engagement button. Make sure that before storing your mower you have removed all the grass on it.

Riding Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Using a riding lawn involves adherence to several safety codes. The machine can prove dangerous if not handled well. Meanwhile, the best way to protect yourself and others from harm is by putting all the precautions in place. Before using the machine, make sure you have read its manual thoroughly and become familiar with all the safety measures provided there. Here are a few safety tips to put in place before you start your machine.

  • Always wear the right clothing when mowing. Boots and long pants should be worn. Avoid loose-fitting attires.
  • Master how to put a stop to the machine as fast as possible in case of emergencies
  • Avoid filling the tank of the engine while the device is warm. If fuel finishes while you’re still cutting wait until the equipment gets cold.
  • When going down a hill reduce the speed of the mower
  • Always clear the space you want to mow before mowing. Remove all children, pets and dirt from the area
  • Avoid smoking near the machine’s gas tank.
  • Make sure you’re well seated on your lawnmower before starting it. Under no condition should you try to start the mower while not seated on the driver’s seat?
  • There ought not to be any passenger in the mower. Only one person can be in it at a time
  • Avoid getting off the machine while it is still on.


Working a riding mower is only easy when you’ve gotten the hang of it. But even if you haven’t, approach the machine with a very precautions mindset. As fun as they can be, riding mowers are quite dangerous as well. However, you should be fine if you follow all the safety tips provided here. Don’t forget to read the user’s manual.

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