How Much Should a Kirby Vacuum Cost?

Kirby vacuum cleaners have been around for years. When it comes to durability and cleaning power, they can be compared to none.

Despite this, however, these vacuums are very pricey and are only sold anonymously through an in-home demo.

Till today, one of the major complaints about this vacuum remains its price. So, how much should a Kirby vacuum cost? Is the cleaner really worth the price? Let’s find out.

Average Cost of Kirby Vacuum

Kirby has a unique marketing style, and thanks to this marketing strategy, the price of Kirby vacuums has been a mystery to many. Although this brand has been around for almost a century, the use of door to door authorized sellers to market their products makes it hard to determine the price of the vacuums.

Even so, Kirby vacuums have been reported to cost around $800 to $1,500. Still, this price is dependent on what accessory you want to add. On Amazon, the cleaner is listed for $1200.99

Additional Costs

Many vacuums come with additional costs, and Kirby vacuums are no different. Some extra cost of the vacuum cleaner includes the cleaner’s replacement parts, accessories, and other supplies that will prove necessary as you continue to use the vacuum.

Filters will need to be changed, and they cost between $10.99 and $18.83, scent tablets cost $10.35 for a pack of two, and a box of 10 vacuum belts cost around $10.99. All these items are necessary for the vacuum, and all add up to create an extra cost for the buyer.

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Kirby Vacuum Features

Quite frankly, the average price of a Kirby vacuum is hugely expensive. One would expect that since the sweeper is so costly, it should have some really cool features that make up for the high price.

If you’re interested in knowing what Kirby has to offer, read on because some of the features have been listed below.

  • HEPA Filtration

When a vacuum has High-Efficiency Particulate air HEPA filtration, you know it’s the real deal. This filtration can suck up 99.97% of the dirt particles in an area. This filtration system is top-notch, and it surely adds to the cost of the whole vacuum. Here you can find some of the best hepa filter vacuum cleaners in uk.

  • Aluminum construction

Kirby vacuums are known to be durable, and it’s easy to see why. The sweeper is made with aluminum which does not only make the cleaner strong, it also makes it compact and lightweight as well.

  • Feather Light Movement

The vacuum is lightweight and therefore effortless to push or move around.

  • Shampoo System

The shampoo system feature allows you to clean your carpet without having to soak your carpet. This way, the carpet can dry up quickly. Kirby is also capable of moping hard floors effectively.

Is a Kirby Vacuum Worth the Price?

It depends on you, and how much you end up paying for the vacuum. The demo salespersons tend to start off at a high price. However, the more you negotiate, the more the price will drop.

So, if for instance, the salesperson says the cost of the vacuum is $3000, you should be able to beat the price down to $1100 if you negotiate well enough,

The best way to tell whether your Kirby is worth the price or not is to observe how functional the vacuum remains to you. If the vacuum can extend the lifespan of your carpet by 5 years and can last for long, then it is probably worth it.

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If it is maintained well, a Kirby vacuum can last for up to 20 years. This lifespan is remarkably high when you compare it with other vacuum models. This is most likely one of the reasons for the high cost of the vacuum.

If you are using one of the other models, you probably will need to change the vacuum 3 to 4 times within the space of 20 years.

Therefore, when you consider this, it’s easy to see that Kirby vacuums pay off to a large extent.

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