How Long Can Reel Mowers Stay Sharp?

While it is true that manual push mowers are quite antique, they actually offer an Eco-friendly and efficient lawn mowing option to users.

Most reel mowers do not come with engines. All they have are sharp blades which coupled with your strength can get grass cutting efficiently done.

It is the owner’s duty to sharpen the blades as often as possible. How often you should sharpen depends on the condition of your lawn and how often you use the machine. Other importing things to note are below.

Other Factors That Affect Duration of Blade Sharpness

Sometimes, manufacturers recommended a time frame in which users are to sharpen the blade of their mower.

However, rather than follow a scheduled time frame, it is better to gauge when to sharpen the blades from how often you use the equipment.

If you use your reel mower on a small lawn, then the blades will probably remain sharp for a longer time than it will when you use it on a large lawn.

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Also, yards that have many stony areas, twigs and sticks tend to affect the sharpness of the blade. Also, wet grass often makes blades lose their sharpness quickly.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Sharpen?

You know your blades need sharpening when you start exerting more energy than usual to push your mower.

Also, the machine tends to be noisier than it usually is when the blades are blunt.

Besides, the blade tends to rip off grass ends and not cut them neatly. Finally, they’ll show nicks around their edges.

Final Word

Without sharpening your reel mower’s blades when appropriate you may ruin the machine and cause harm to yourself and your lawn.

Always make sure that your blades are in good shape before setting out to now.

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