Cordless Hedge Trimmers: Easy And Eco-friendly To Maintain The Hedges

Battery-powered tools were not as powerful as their petrol counterparts and it was the primary reason why professionals used to avoid the former. With the development of battery technology and related hardware, now a cordless tool can generate power similar to petrol propelled equipment. That also without producing harmful fumes or disturbing noise.

Today, we will illustrate how convenient and performance-oriented a cordless machine could be. We are talking about cordless hedge trimmers because it’s one of the most important tools for a garden owner or professional who needs to tackle extensive hedges. Let’s, discuss some of the common scenarios wherein cordless hedge cutters can score over electric and petrol variants.

Corded vs Cordless Hedge Cutters; Unrestricted Coverage

The corded hedge trimmers have a fade-free power because they draw power from mains. A constant source of power means you can rely on a corded trimmer for long without worrying about the battery charge. Another great feature is their zero carbon emission, which also makes them environment friendly.

A corded trimmer is also powerful than its cordless versions. So, a corded model is comparatively better if you have a project that might take a long time and high power to finish. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about a fading battery.

Mains powered hedge cutting machines impose some of the unwanted consequences though. Such a power tool can only work around a power outlet, because of its power cable. If you want to cover a significant area, then only an extension cord can help. If you are not careful enough, then there are chances the hedge cutter might cut its connecting cable. A mains powered machine cannot work without a connecting power cable, without its repair or replacement.

On the other hand, you don’t have to deal with any power cable in case of a cordless edge cutter. You don’t have to be around any power outlet or invest on an extension box. Similar to corded hedge cutters, cordless variants do not produce carbon emissions. We can take the example of AHS 50-20 LI, which is one of the best cordless hedge trimmers for average-sized gardens.

Petrol vs Cordless Hedge Cutters

Professional-grade performance without pollution:  The battery-powered hedge cutters were infamous among the professionals because they used to lack the power to deal with commercial projects. The lithium-ion battery has changed the situation now and even the professionals trust cordless hedge cutters as a viable alternative to petrol propelled hedge cutting machines.

Commercial garden handlers need to handle extended hedges, wherein the working site may or may not have a power outlet around. It’s the reason cordless hedge cutters offers complete mobility and user-friendly operation.

A cordless hedge cutter works with minimal vibrations and keeps your wrist strain-free. Moreover, such a machine also saves you from hand-arm vibration syndrome. Low noise levels and zero carbon emissions mean you don’t have to deal with toxic fumes and irritation sound of an engine. The low noise level also means that you can use a cordless hedge cutter in noise-sensitive sites like medical establishment, corporates office, and schools.

There are multiple cordless hedge cutters available in the market that offers commercial performance. Bosch AHS 55-20 LI is one of the high rated cordless hedge cutters that might work well for professionals. Same goes for DEWALT DCM563P1-GB that has 55 cm dual-action blades with 19 mm cutting gap. Using a 5Ah battery, this cordless can for up to 75 minutes. The battery included with this product is compatible with all the other 18 V XR platform. Compact, lightweight and powerful, its built to work for long and easily withstand industrial usage.

With such power and robust blades, the machine tackles all the thick branches and stems. But, even with such a decent runtime, DCM563P1-GB cannot tackle large areas. So, you can invest in a spare battery for virtually unlimited runtime.


We can conclude that a battery-powered hedge has multiple benefits over corded and petrol propelled versions. So, it’s easy to guess that cordless version is going to extend its reach and might be the choice of home gardeners and professional service providers alike. Check some of the best cordless hedge cutters here if you want to explore and choose one for your loving garden.

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